Once upon a time, in a world of Grimm and Disney Fairy Tales...

Exciting news! Funny Fairy Tales 5 - Rapunzel is now out on Kindle!!!

Hi, my name is Reut Barak and I'm the author of Funny Fairy Tales.

Welcome to my website.
I hope you have a great time, because things are about to get wild! 

I've just completed the new book in the series, Hansel and Gretel, out right now on Kindle, iBooks and Nook - full of surprises and lots of candy. Hansel and Gretel are in way over their heads!

And now Rapunzel is coming up:
A long time ago
in a faraway land
deep in an enchanted forest
there stood the worst hair salon in the history of time....

Let the tale begin!

Snow White as never told before! With the vicious queen Anagrola, the confused and sarcastic mirror Shraga, and the most gifted seven men you’ve ever met.

Cinderella as never told before! With the mysterious blue fairy godmother, the cunning step-sisters, and a woman, who for the life of her, just can’t stop cleaning!

Red Riding Hood as never told before! With the mysterious wild wolf, and a grandmother so evil, she could rewrite the history of sin.
Red’s not little anymore!

Hansel and Gretel as never told before! With little brother Charlie who gets everyone in trouble, because he can’t stay away from Chocolate.They are in way over their heads!

Rapunzel as never told before! With the crazy hair salon, evil prince John who is definitely a don John, and the loveliest long hair in Fairy Tale history. It’s a match made in hell.