A new story is cracking fairy tale land...

A long time ago.... in a faraway land... deep in an enchanted forest...

there stood the worst hair salon in the history of time!

Yes, that's right. Another parody is out and this time it's the girl with the long blonde hair. But wait! There's a twist. There always is. Prince John is, well, he's more of a Don John and Rapunzel is in for one of the best love-hate relationships since Beauty and the Beast.

And there's more. Malik, the cat is out with vengeance, ready to take John down in a glorious rivalry. Read their first meeting here.

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An adventurous rescue mission rocking fairy tale land...

Hansel and Gretel set out alone into the woods...

The night was young and a full moon was rising.

It's a cold scary hiking mission, and they have no choice this time. Hansel and Gretel must venture out into the wild woods to save their little brother Charlie. He's cute and loving, and oh, he's soooo addicted to chocolate. He didn't hear the warning signs.

Meet fairy tale's land most beautiful woman. The evil and dazzling enchantress that will cook you the best meal you've ever had, and the last! These kids are in way over their heads!

Ready for a funny 10 minutes? See the book here! Let the tale begin!


Once upon a time, in a world of Grimm and Disney Fairy Tales...

The vicious queen Anagrola, the confused and sarcastic mirror Shraga, and the most gifted seven men you’ve ever met.


The mysterious blue fairy godmother, the cunning step-sisters, and a woman, who for the life of her, just can’t stop cleaning!


The mysterious wild wolf, and a grandmother so evil, she could rewrite the history of sin.
Red’s not little anymore!


Little brother Charlie who gets Hansel and Gretel in big trouble, because he can’t stay away from Chocolate.They are in way over their heads!

The crazy hair salon, evil prince John who is definitely a don John, and the loveliest long hair in Fairy Tale history. It’s a match made in hell.