100 smoothies, a Challenge, and a reminder to grab Free Rapunzel

It's the beginning of a new year, and God it's cold... but snow is beautiful so I'm loving it. It's a wonderful time to cuddle up in a warm blanket with a great new book. I've just finished reading Ender's Game and I thought it was brilliant. If you haven't read it, you must - I could never see that surprise end coming!


I've redone the covers for Funny Fairy Tales and removed the numbers, since they gave people the wrong impression that there is a sequence to the series, but really you can read any story independently.


I'm currently working on the next Funny Fairy Tales, Beauty and the Beast, and there is snow, and a rose.. and well let's not give all the spoilers all at once. I'm definitely looking forward to all of this. It's so exciting 🙂

And this is a reminder to GRAB Rapunzel while it's still free:

"Prince John was not only the richest man in his kingdom.

He was also the most evil man in his kingdom. "

So, what else is new?


To all the health lovers, I’ve launched my second book in the Raw Munchies series, 100 SmoothiesIt’s the quick easy and tasty book. It's also the amazing detox book: exotic fruit smoothies, savory vegetable smoothies, super detox smoothies, and even two color smoothies. “100 Raw Vegan exotic smoothies, great for detox, and ready in 5 minutes” And there's a Smoothie Challenge for 2 Free Giveaways (see below)



The Smoothie Challenge


The prizes - 2 books from Raw Munchie Book series to 2 winners selected from a raffle, the books are Mission Raw and the next book coming up 30 Noodles.


The Smoothie Challenge is on the RawMunchies Youtube video, for the beautiful 2 color smoothie, Pink Panda


How to participate:

1. Give everyone your very own favorite smoothie tip in the link of the Pink Panda video.

2. Share the tip and the video on social media with the hashtag #100SmoothiesRawMunchies

3. Subscribe to the RawMunchies youtube channel.




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