Once upon a time, in a world of Grimm and Disney Fairy Tales...

A long time ago


In a faraway land


Some things happened


That should never have happened


Funny Fairy Tales are a new twist on the old beloved Grimm and Disney Fairy Tales. They are fun short stories people can read in a couple of minutes when waiting for the bus or on a train ride. Works just like an app, with story plot changes, new adventurous characters, mysteries and danger.


The confused and sarcastic mirror Shraga, the new blue fairy godmother, the mysterious wild wolf, and a grandmother so evil, she could rewrite the history of sin, and much more...



How did Snow White get Started?

I think Snow White is about the importance of qualities other than beauty. I wrote this as a short story 5 years ago. One day I was babysitting a friend's kid and she wanted me to tell her a fairy tale, so I told her Snow White, but when I got to the part about snow white’s beauty, I suddenly realised I don’t want to give her the message that this is all life is about, so I made Snow White an ugly kid, who later grows up to be regular looking, but supremely intelligent.
What inspired the seven dwarfs?
When I was telling my friend's kid about Snow White, we got to the dwarfs, and I felt it would be boring for her to just say “7 dwarfs” so we gave them each a talent: doctor, chef, gardener.
Is Snow White originally for kids?
Maybe, but for me, it was when I came home one day and wrote an adult version to make one of my friends laugh, that it all came together. That short story turned out to be the first draft of Funny Fairy Tales 1 -  Snow White.
Who inspired the wolf in Red Riding Hood?
The wolf is inspired by 2 amazing men I met in my life, who were older and wiser and guided me when I had questions. One of them I met recently, when I just started writing. He’s a hiking guide and man-of-the world and he encouraged me to do this. The other was a mentor I had a couple of years ago, and he was accused of something he didn’t do. I think this is the biggest theme in Red Riding - the power of a reputation, and what happens when there is a false accusation - both Red and the Wolf have it happen to them in their lives. It’s also about the love for the simple things, which Red discovers through this. Red in my story is a celebrity, who loses her fame and this simple adventure gives her clarity and puts her back on her feet.
What is your favourite fairy tale?
Hands down, Red Riding Hood. I actually thought of leaving it till the end of the series, but then I decided to take on the challenge. I knew I had to do it justice, and I love the result.
Do you have a personal story behind your writing?
Well, I hate to confess it, but as a kid, I used to have nightmares about wolves, and I’d wake up my parents. So, one day, they took me to the zoo, but this was in Israel, and that little half - puppy wolf was not what I was dreaming of - I had Husky type beautiful beasts in my dreams. However, my parents got their quiet nights back. I simply stopped believing that they knew what a wolf was. Now, it’s my favourite fairy tale, and my favourite halloween costume. 
Do you like Rags to Riches Stories?
Absolutely, and I think this is what the traditional Cinderella is all about, and why I chose it as my second book. It’s both the classic rags to riches, and the overnight makeover story. I think it stands out because the main character is so strong and talented, but she depends on external help, a saviour prince. I think here the main point is that you need to be strong in life, because it’s all about getting out your front door and having a good experience.
Why do you keep changing the characters?
It's a lot more fun that way and people love it! I thought rather than write about a genius housewife stuck in the attic with evil sisters, wouldn't it be a lot more fun to have great sisters and then start Cinderella with “A long time ago, in a faraway land, there lived a woman, who was allergic to dust.”
Who is the fairy godmother?
 I wouldn't want to put any spoilers here, so let's just say the Disney classic is not the only blonde woman who can pull off a blue dress!


How about learning to be an indie author?

Well, I had some help. I started by looking for whom could I learn from? So I wrote 9 millionaires - 9 women who sold millions of copies of eBooks, and 4 of them replied. One of them sent me to a book she wrote that had all the instructions and all the names of the people to work with! That’s how I got my copyeditor and one of my formatters. I also learned that I have to have professional covers, and I love the beautiful designs. Now, I am in contact with Kindle - because they say they’ve never seen anything like it, which means I hire professional formatters.


Who is Charlie?

Charlie is Hansel and Gretel's little brother, who gets everyone in trouble, because he cannot stay away from chocolate. In every Funny Fairy Tale there is a special character that adds colour - that's Charlie. He's so loveable and so easy to relate to, because he has a big flaw... and everyone is trying to help him.


What inspired the witch in Hansel and Gretel

I first set out to think of a very disgusting wicked witch, but I realised that might not be good enough... so I decided to go for a more delicate option. Don't want to give any spoilers, but the interaction between the witch and the kids reveals her true nature.


Is Hansel and Gretel inspired by my own life and my love for hiking?

Absolutely. Hansel and Gretel are the kids of an army commander, who insists they are experts in navigation, but this is not what makes the story tick. Obviously. It's Hansel's leadership and Gretel's sense of responsibility, and their love and courage in saving their little brother that makes this story what it is.