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Snow White and The Seven Dwarves
In this funny retelling Snow White isn't your average princess, the evil step-mother has a chip on her shoulder and the magic mirror isn't taking any crap.  This quick retelling had me laughing with parallels to the current world, with a queen overly obsessed with beauty and receiving sarcastic and incorrect information from an overly sarcastic magic mirror and the dwarves being the smartest people around, the fairy tale world doesn't seem too far removed from our current state.  However, the fairy tale world does have a bit of magic that seems to be able to set everything right. 

Cinderella happens to be allergic to everything, dust, pollen, cats, tree nuts, soy, you name it; so she keeps her small space in the attic ridiculously clean. Luckily, Cinderella has a very supportive family.  In a mish-mash of fairy tales, Cinderella's step-sisters find her a fairy Godmother to get her to a ball with a prince.  Through several humorous stumbles, it is Cinderella who needs help to remember her prince.  I loved how the story could be turned upside down, but still have the same outcome, well- prettymuch.  Another fun and quick fairytale retelling. 

Little Red Riding Hood
Little Red Riding Hood has an absolutely evil grandmother who likes to scare her with wolf stories.  Little Red is smart and popular and basking in celebrity, that is until the press found out about her evil grandmother.  Red flees to the woods where she runs into the wolf, and some magic mushrooms and some trouble.  I loved that this story incorporated a lot of modern jargon, but also examines what effect point of view can have on the outcome of the story.  This one was my favorite since Little Red gets to incorporate a little bit of evil on the inside. 

Each of these stories, in true fairy tale fashion, ends with a lesson.  With a shorter length and engaging flow, these books are  great to read on the go. 

Let the tale begin!