Funny Fairy Tales Blog Tour on Fabulous and Brunette

updated: 16:11


It's so exciting! Funny Fairy Tales is going on its first blog tour. 


Today, we have three stops. This one is with the amazing Fabulous and Brunette:


Feel free to go in and start the conversation! You can also sign up for the $50 Amazon or B/N GC given to a randomly drawn winner on the blog tour!


Today we are featuring an interview with the wicked grandmother from... Red Riding Hood:

Blog tour part 1:

Hi, I am the evil grandmother from Red Riding Hood. Nice to meet you. I have a very special hobby. I like crime - dangerous, vicious, cunning and glorious. Crime is the best!


As Reut Barak quite accurately described me:


“A long time ago


in a faraway land


there lived a very evil old lady.


The evil old lady lived in an evil old house, where her sinful schemes would flourish and blossom!


Her career of wickedness

started the day she was born


and went downhill ever since.


She was corrupted to the core,

and vicious beyond all reason,


and her dark soul made a

moonless night look blinding

in comparison.


She would cheat for fun and

lie for joy. She would swindle,

frame, and otherwise deceive.


And she ticked the Ten

Commandments one by one.”


That’s me. I want to tell you about my first crime.


Most people start with stealing from the candy store, but I was very mature for my age.


One of my friends thought of organizing a whole scam around poisoning a witch and steeling her magical broomstick, but I thought that it was too easy.


I wanted to steel from a King. I wanted to take his rich gold, and I wanted him to do it willingly. That was the kind of girl that I was!


Also, I wanted a scheme that would twist the heads of all the people around him.

Just for fun.


So I found myself a famous tailor. Someone who worked for kings before.

And I told him to make a king believe that there were magical clothes that only wise men could see, and that they cost a fortune.


In reality, we just made him wear nothing, but he would never admit that he couldn’t see the “magical clothes”.


He ended up parading down the largest street of his town, naked, and nobody said anything, because they didn’t want to admit that they couldn’t see the invisible clothes.


We made a fortune!

It was a great day.


I don’t do such things anymore. I have a much more fun task now:

I like to scare my granddaughter.

With wolf stories. 


Blog tour part 2:


Let the tale begin!