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Funny Fairy Tales 1 – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

"There once was a magician, a magic mirror, and Anagrola. Anagrola was unhappy and talked the magician into giving her his magic mirror, Shraga and let her go marry a king which he did after a lot of debate. But Anagrola was still unhappy and focused on her looks and bothered Shraga all the time. He finally told her that Snow White, the kings daughter from a previous marriage was prettier than her. Anagrola get jealous and tries to get rid of her but Snow White finds employment with seven dwarfs that need some serious management. But when Anagrola learns Snow White is still alive she sets out to try and poison her with several apples.

This is a cute retelling of Snow White. Personally I like the mirror and could see him planning some way to knock himself off the wall in an attempt at suicide. Anagrola was spiteful and vain and takes it serious when Shraga tells her Snow White, who is no beauty in this story, is prettier than her. Of course the dwarves are hilarious and the whole using an apple to try and kill the girl was over the top."

Funny Fairy Tales 2 – Cinderella

"Cinderella has a wonderful family life with two caring step-sisters, a step-mother, and her father who is out exploring. But she is allergic to everything and keeps herself locked in the attic where she can keep it clean, make everyone’s cloths, and go insane. Her sisters feel sorry for her and hire a sorceress to enchant Cinderella so she can attend the ball where the prince is looking for a wife. All seems to be going well and they are to be married when the sisters become jealous and have the spell reversed.

This is a cute story. Cinderella is nuts from her allergies yet has a chance at a normal life. Too bad her step-sisters become jealous and reverse the spell. I really liked how the sorceress is named Alice and can create rabbit holes to change people’s lives."

Funny Fairy Tales 3 – Red Riding Hood

"Red’s grandmother was a nasty old woman. She was so jealous of her granddaughter that she tried to embarrass her with a bright red hood and told her horror stories of wolves. But when red hoods became the fashion Red got very famous. Then the press learned about her grandmother and Red tries to go on the run. She runs into a wolf and trouble ensues.

The grandmother is an evil and jealous woman and took joy in terrorizing Red. When Red gets famous of course everything goes well until her past comes into play and everyone starts looking down on her. I loved the whole mix up with the wolf and the mushrooms. I really like where Red ended up and especially her grandmothers new location."

Let the tale begin!