Funny Fairy Tales Interview with Fairy Tale Access

It's exciting! Fairy Tale Access, a programme that shows how we have fairy tale elements in our every day lives, when we do the great things we do, has taken an interest in Funny Fairy Tales :).


So what inspired the wolf in Red Riding? Well, it's two amazing men I met in my life who were older, wiser and strong in life. But I don't want to give any spoilers to the Youtube video.

There are a couple of topics in the interview, like the modern themes in the fairy tales, Snow White's Talent and Cinderella's mental difficulty and rising above it all with courage.


There's also a bit about me, and my own travels in Scotland and New Zealand, that have inspired me and about some of the challenges along the way.


The interview is here:


Don't hesitate to leave your comments and questions below.


Let the tales begin!