Funny Fairy Tales Rapunzel is out and Free on Kindle unlimited

A long time ago

in a faraway land

deep in an enchanted forest

there stood the worst hair salon in the history of time.

Yes, it's true!


Funny Fairy Tales 5 is just out now and free on Kindle Unlimited.


It's really been a great ride writing this one. My new beta reader, who is one of my best friends - we grew up together - said it was her favourite so far.


I think the toughest part was writing the evil prince John, who is a bit of a Don John, but hey, I love writing villains!


It's currently exclusive on Kindle, and out on iBooks and Nook in 90 days...


More quick preview: Prince John meets Malik the cat


That day started just like any other day,


but at exactly two p.m., a tall, dark, young stranger climbed up the stairs, cutting the line, and walked straight into the hair salon like he owned the place.


“I’d like to speak with the owner. Now.”


“She’s gone to the market today,” said Malik. “We’re a bit understaffed, so you’ll have to wait.”


The young man was no other than the famous Prince John.


The richest man in the kingdom.


“What did you just say to me?”


“I said you will have to WAIT,” said Malik.


“What?! Do you know who I am?”


“No, but by the staring, it seems some of the ladies do. You’re quite a distraction. Please get back in line.”


“I’m surprised you don’t recognize me.”


“Get used to the disappointment.”


“Right. I see where this is going. How much?”


“How much what?”


“How much money? I’m the richest man in this kingdom.”


“That’s okay, nobody’s perfect.”


“I’ll pay you more than everyone this month put together. Just get me in a chair.”


“Thanks, but no thanks. Get back in line and try to grow some patience.”


“I beg your pardon!”


“Don’t beg. Just get in line. I need to get back to work here. If you’re bored while waiting, you can speak to Rapunzel.”