Once upon a time, in a world of Grimm and Disney Fairy Tales...

You know this story... or do you? 


How about a little twist? 


Read the story of Rapunzel as never told before! 


With the crazy hair salon, the evil prince John who is definitely a don John, and the loveliest long hair in Fairy Tale history. It’s a match made in hell.


Let the tale begin!






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5 Star Review:

"Funny Fairy Tales: Rapunzel by Reut Barak is a hilarious retelling of the classic tale. In this version, Rapunzel works as a hairdresser with her mother, way up in a tower. One day, their assistant, a cat named Malik, was very rude to one of their clients, who just so happened to be Prince John. And then, the haircut they gave him wasn't very good. He ordered his guards to burn down the tower, but all that burned was the steps. However, Rapunzel let down her hair, and so people could once again go in and out. Prince John, still angry, tried to burn her hair, but all that did was turn it to gold. Then he decided to kidnap her. What will happen next to Prince John and Rapunzel? 

I really, really enjoyed reading Funny Fairy Tales: Rapunzel by Reut Barak. This book is laugh out loud funny, and is sure to have the reader in stitches before the end. The book is very well written and descriptive. The plot has surprising twists that the reader won't see coming, such as when Prince John and Rapunzel first meet. The story also has many likeable characters, especially Malik, who has some very amusing lines. I liked how the book is similar to the original tale with an interesting and very funny spin. I was hooked by the first page, and I did not want to put the book down. This spin on an original fairy tale will keep the reader entranced, wanting to know what will happen next. This is one of the best versions of the Rapunzel story I've ever read. I would definitely recommend this to all readers."

Kristen Van Kampen, Reader’s Favourite