Red Riding Hood

Once upon a time, in a world of Grimm and Disney Fairy Tales...

You know this story... or do you?


How about a little twist?


Read the story of Red Riding Hood as never told before!

With the hood that leads to fame and fortune, the mysterious wild wolf, and a grandmother so evil, she could rewrite the history of sin.


Red’s not little anymore!


Let the tale begin!

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5 Star Review:

“I think each of these are great quick and hilarious reads for anyone looking for an escape and laugh.

My personal favorite of these three was Cinderella. I think the allergy aspect was ingenious and ironic.

Characters you couldn't stand are now good? I loved how fun these were! Get them all! “ Bailey Ember


5 Star Review:

"... The great twist about the wolves is indeed a good "point of view" of our society." Alejandra



More Reviews:


“Light and fun. Red gets famous overnight due to her fashion-forward Hood-wearing.  (who knew.)  On the cover of Medieval vogue.  Most date-able bachelorette.  Then her background with evil Grandma comes out and all her popularity vanishes.  She has to go on the lam.

Red goes into the woods to hide from the shame.  Meets wolf and is afraid because of all the scary stories Grandma told her about wolves.  She talks to the wolf, because the hood allows her to understand animals.

Quick read, low-maintenance fun." D. Domain 


"Unlike the children's story Red's Grandmother is EVIL.. She enjoys scaring Red with wolf stories. Granny gives Red a Red cap in order to make her look ridiculous, not beautiful. Little did Granny know Red caps were going to be the newest fashion statement. Red suddenly has a lot of new friends who started calling her Red Riding Hood and think she a genius for foreseeing the fashion. She also becomes the most sought after bachelorette. And she is very smart. Red has it all at this point. Until the press found out about Grandma.
the stories are short reads just like the children's books but way different. I personally would not read this series to the kids but I really enjoyed them. Reut Barak has a great imagination and has turned old favorites into new favorites for me." Teresa


"Little Red Riding Hood has an absolutely evil grandmother who likes to scare her with wolf stories. Little Red is smart and popular and basking in celebrity, that is until the press found out about her evil grandmother. Red flees to the woods where she runs into the wolf, and some magic mushrooms and some trouble. I loved that this story incorporated a lot of modern jargon, but also examines what effect point of view can have on the outcome of the story. This one was my favorite since Little Red gets to incorporate a little bit of evil on the inside." Stephanie


"Red’s grandmother was a nasty old woman. She was so jealous of her granddaughter that she tried to embarrass her with a bright red hood and told her horror stories of wolves. But when red hoods became the fashion Red got very famous. Then the press learned about her grandmother and Red tries to go on the run. She runs into a wolf and trouble ensues.

The grandmother is an evil and jealous woman and took joy in terrorizing Red. When Red gets famous of course everything goes well until her past comes into play and everyone starts looking down on her. I loved the whole mix up with the wolf and the mushrooms. I really like where Red ended up and especially her grandmothers new location." Jessica Bronder